Be Here. Be Home.

Wine Down Your Week

This class is taught by:

Erika Wolfe, Owner/ERYT200

Welcome to Yoga Mat.
My name is Erika Wolfe, ERYT200 Yoga Teacher and co-owner of Yoga Mat. My yoga journey fell into my life when I needed it most and didn’t know it. A last minute invite to a class in Sept. 2012, was all it took for me to fall in love with my mat.

I didn’t understand how an hour of a yoga practice could quiet my “monkeymind,” calm my Self, and make me feel so good. Yoga became my new life. Stress melted away. Finding confidence, strength, belief in my Self, and becoming the change I needed. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge led me further on my journey of Self and to find the “magic” behind Yoga.

My definition of this magic is: Able to practice at a studio that is filled with love, kindness and open hearts. Learning how my practice is reflected in my life. Becoming aware of all aspects of Yoga; that it’s not just about the asanas. It’s the journey of finding yourself in Self-awareness. Taking the time to take care of you. Letting go of challenges, obstacles, worries, ego and so much more, and just BE in the present moment. Using your breath to move thru asanas, becoming stronger in mind and spirit, the body will follow. Yoga is the practice of mind body connection, always learning and growing.

I look forward to meeting you where you are at on your mat.



It's time to for a Wine Down after a long week.  Come to connect with old yogi friends and make new ones.  Bring a dish to share.....whatever your heart desires, and a drink of your choice.  We would love to have you come after your yoga class or at the end of your day.  Gathering in the kitchen and/or the big yoga room.  Amanda and I can't wait to see you!