Be Here. Be Home.

Vinyasa Flow

This class is taught by:

Erika Wolfe, Owner/ERYT200

Welcome to Yoga Mat.
My name is Erika Wolfe, ERYT200 Yoga Teacher and co-owner of Yoga Mat. My yoga journey fell into my life when I needed it most and didn’t know it. A last minute invite to a class in Sept. 2012, was all it took for me to fall in love with my mat.

I didn’t understand how an hour of a yoga practice could quiet my “monkeymind,” calm my Self, and make me feel so good. Yoga became my new life. Stress melted away. Finding confidence, strength, belief in my Self, and becoming the change I needed. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge led me further on my journey of Self and to find the “magic” behind Yoga.

My definition of this magic is: Able to practice at a studio that is filled with love, kindness and open hearts. Learning how my practice is reflected in my life. Becoming aware of all aspects of Yoga; that it’s not just about the asanas. It’s the journey of finding yourself in Self-awareness. Taking the time to take care of you. Letting go of challenges, obstacles, worries, ego and so much more, and just BE in the present moment. Using your breath to move thru asanas, becoming stronger in mind and spirit, the body will follow. Yoga is the practice of mind body connection, always learning and growing.

I look forward to meeting you where you are at on your mat.



Alex Wolfe, RYT 200

My name is Alex Wolfe. I'm 24 years old. It's hard for me to describe myself in words because I'm still in the process of discovering who I truly am. I feel most at peace when I'm on my mat, and in between the pages of books. I became a yoga teacher because I wanted to give others what I received from my mat, love and acceptance with no strings attached. Live by the sun, feel by the moon. Namaste ૐ

Megan Walters, RYT 200

I'm a 21 year old former gymnast/pole vaulter/acrobatics and tumbling athlete from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I hold a bachelor degree in Exercise Science Pre Health Profession. My yoga practice began in September of 2014 in a public park near the college I was attending. So many things have changed since then including what my practice looks like and my dedication
This is a Vinyasa Flow Class geared for yogis that have a few or more classes under their belts. You will be given an opportunity to try some fun asanas that can be a little more advanced. Creative sequencing that can challenge you both mentally and physically. The main focus, like all of our yoga classes, will be on linking your breath with movement and moving with good form and proper alignment to the best of your ability. While this class is structured for students that have a little more experience, we would love to see all students try any of our classes. If you are new to yoga and would still like to take this class, plan to slow it down or take breaks when you need to. This class is done in a room that is heated to about 75-80 degrees with 30-40% humidity.