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Erika Wolfe, Owner/ERYT200
Welcome to Yoga Mat.
My name is Erika Wolfe, ERYT200 Yoga Teacher and co-owner of Yoga Mat. My yoga journey fell into my life when I needed it most and didn’t know it. A last minute invite to a class in Sept. 2012, was all it took for me to fall in love with my mat.

I didn’t understand how an hour of a yoga practice could quiet my “monkeymind,” calm my Self, and make me feel so good. Yoga became my new life. Stress melted away. Finding confidence, strength, belief in my Self, and becoming the change I needed. Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge led me further on my journey of Self and to find the “magic” behind Yoga.

My definition of this magic is: Able to practice at a studio that is filled with love, kindness and open hearts. Learning how my practice is reflected in my life. Becoming aware of all aspects of Yoga; that it’s not just about the asanas. It’s the journey of finding yourself in Self-awareness. Taking the time to take care of you. Letting go of challenges, obstacles, worries, ego and so much more, and just BE in the present moment. Using your breath to move thru asanas, becoming stronger in mind and spirit, the body will follow. Yoga is the practice of mind body connection, always learning and growing.

I look forward to meeting you where you are at on your mat.



Jeanie Robertson, CYT & Certified PiYo Instructor
My passion for fitness stems from my desire to be healthy and live a happy life. After having two children I was overweight and borderline diabetic. My doctor told me that I needed to make some major lifestyle changes or I would be put on insulin. That is all it took! I immediately joined a gym and changed my eating habits. Within the next 18 months I lost over 90 pounds. Since the change in my life impacted me on a positive level I wanted desperately to share it with others.

I became certified in yoga in November of 2014 and followed up with a PiYo Live certification in 2015. I have since completed the Connected Warriors training and am CPR certified. I enjoy teaching and meeting new people. I hope to see you in one on my classes soon!

Paula Sharpe, RYT 200
My Name is Paula and I am a firm believer in the quote by Ymber Delecto, “Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without.”

I started a consistant practice a little over three years ago when I went to my first hot yoga class looking to relieve both physical pain and stress. I was hooked, needless to say.

Opportunity arose to become a teacher in July and I jumped at the chance to not only deepen my practice, but provide the same relief to others.

I do not think you have to be the bendy twisty gumby girl/guy to experience the true value of yoga. Whether you can throw your right leg over your left shoulder or you can barely bend forward, yoga is for you. Mind, body and spirit.

Meet me on the mat, and let’s have fun. It is what life is all about. Namaste.

Alex Wolfe, RYT 200
My name is Alex Wolfe. I'm 24 years old. It's hard for me to describe myself in words because I'm still in the process of discovering who I truly am. I feel most at peace when I'm on my mat, and in between the pages of books. I became a yoga teacher because I wanted to give others what I received from my mat, love and acceptance with no strings attached. Live by the sun, feel by the moon. Namaste ૐ
Yvette Huber, RYT 200
Yvette Huber started doing yoga-inspired exercise in 2002 to combat work-related fatigue and sedentary habits. She soon gained confidence to try other forms of fitness, but yoga is her passion. Practice on the yoga mat is not merely physical exercise; it is also a process for self-reflection and growth. Yvette completed her first 200 hour training in the Power Flow style with Grow Yoga School in 2014. She also received additional training in the Hot 26 and Restorative styles. In October 2016, Yvette graduated from Guiding Wellness Institute’s 320 hour training where she completed certificate requirements for a second RYT 200 program, Warriors at Ease Part 1, and Wellness Ambassador. Yoga is an incredible journey Yvette wants to continue for the rest of her life, as well as, to share with others. Please join Yvette for class. Meet yourself on the mat and explore all that is possible!
Amanda Rush, Owner/RYT 200
Becoming an owner at Yoga Mat was an unexpected but, amazing opportunity to share the love of yoga, and wellness with the community in Clarksville.  I know there is love and light here at Yoga Mat that is worth sharing, and I believe that all of the yogis that walk in here, and those that teach here are the breathing energy that makes it so.  We each have a responsibility, and the power to do good in the world, and in our own way.  That is what we strive to do at Yoga Mat, everyday.  My mission, OUR mission, is to provide a safe, loving, and peaceful space to come together and just be.  see you on the mat.
Shirley Talbott, RYT 200
Shirley Talbott is a certified Yogafit instructor with additional certifications specializing in trauma. Mrs. Talbott has also worked in the mental health field with more than 15 years experience working to help heal mental health issues, such as grief, depression, anxiety as well as assisting victims of abuse/trauma, Shirley is a cancer survivor who started Yogafit as a way to heal both the body and the mind. Shirley believes that Yoga complements other types of therapy as it targets mind-body connections and her passion is using Yoga to target mind-body connections as a way of helping others heal. Shirley is also the wife of a wounded warrior and raised their children while her husband was on active duty.
Heidi Rostampour
Hello, my name is Heidi Rostampour, while not a native to Clarksville I have been here for over 25 years and consider it my home. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 12 years, and absolutely love what I do! I have a passion for prenatal massage and lymphatic drainage in association with breast cancer survivors. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or needing more therapeutic work done, rest assured I will customize a massage to meet your wants as well as your needs.
Megan Walters, RYT 200
I'm a 21 year old former gymnast/pole vaulter/acrobatics and tumbling athlete from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I hold a bachelor degree in Exercise Science Pre Health Profession. My yoga practice began in September of 2014 in a public park near the college I was attending. So many things have changed since then including what my practice looks like and my dedication
Rose Avila, RYT 200
I’m Rose, a certified RYT200, I found Yoga after I was medically released from the military. I was looking for an alternative to the conventional medicine treatments I was receiving. I took a few Yoga classes and it was almost instantly that I began to feel relief. I feel my Yoga journey began when I came to Yoga Mat in November 2015. I was amazed at how many wonderful people took a class and felt so amazing. I went through the RYT 200 Training so that I could continue to learn to share my love and deep connection with Yoga. And by the way, I love that the journey will never end!!!
Bonnie Hassan

Bonnie Hassan is a Reiki Master in four different types of Reiki and has been teaching and practicing Reiki for over sixteen years. Although educated and trained as a social worker and psychotherapist, Bonnie has had a full time Reiki practice since 2003. She currently travels around the country offering unique individual and group healing sessions to help people step out of their comfort zones into their power zones! Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Bonnie moved to Nashville in 2013 to be closer to family. To learn more about Bonnie, please visit her website at

You may also visit her FB page at

Callie Cook, RYT 200
Callie completed her 200 hour RYT at Yoga Mat in 2016 while pregnant with her third child. Her journey through teacher training helped ease the delivery process with helpful breathing techniques and positive birth affirmations. Callie believes that yoga practice is important through all stages of life. She realizes it is difficult as a new mom to continue a yoga practice. This is how her heart led her to teach this class with her four month old daughter, Clayton. She aims to help new moms develop a practice that nurtures baby, while also taking care of their own body and health.
Stuart Bonnington
Master Stuart Bonnington has been teaching tai chi and qigong in the Clarksville area for over ten years. He has been a student of Eastern philosophies for over 50 years. Dr Bonnington is an emeritus professor of psychology at Austin Peay State University where he retired after a 27 year teaching career.
Joyce Salazar, RYT200
Hey! I’m Joyce Marie, I’ve lived a little over a quarter of a century and only about a year ago did I find myself on my mat and felt myself breathe for the first time. Since then I’ve done some soul searching to meet the person behind the mother and wife I’ve always labeled myself as and became an RYT200. I now hope to one day give the gift I’ve received from Yoga to others. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “...the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others” May we meet at your mat.
Michelle Petty, RYT200
My name is Michelle Petty and I finished my first RYT teacher training in 2014 in Baptiste Power flow yoga. I recently finished my therapeutic yoga teacher training in 2017. I have a love for yoga for my personal self and for others. I am married to a soldier and we were stationed here in late 2011. We have two sons that keep us busy. My husband and I are originally from Ohio. I'm a dental hygienist by day and a yogi always!
Tara Patterson, RYT200
"I have dabbled with yoga for years but started a consistent home practice in 2015 after getting out of the Marines in an attempt to find relief from chronic pain. I realized quickly after separating from the military that the healthcare I was receiving left something to be desired and decided to take my health into my own hands by enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I completed the program and became a holistic health coach in March 2017. For the first time in my life, I had realized that there was so much more to health than the physical body. Divine intervention brought me to Yoga Mat, where I completed my 200-hour YTT. I hope to combine everything I have learned about total health and wellness to guide others down their own paths to healing and happiness, both on the mat and beyond."
April McDunn, RYT200
My name is April McDunn and I began my yoga journey in 2014. The first time I stepped on a mat, I did not know just how life changing this practice would be. Yoga had been an amazing learning and self growth path that I just cannot keep to myself.I need to share all that yoga is and this is why I became a teacher.
I graduated as a therapeutic yoga instructor in October 2017 from Guiding Wellness Institute. As a teacher I hope to share the many ways one can live their yoga on and off the mat. I look forward to watching your personal yoga journey.

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