Be Here. Be Home.

Jeanie Robertson, CYT & Certified PiYo Instructor

My passion for fitness stems from my desire to be healthy and live a happy life. After having two children I was overweight and borderline diabetic. My doctor told me that I needed to make some major lifestyle changes or I would be put on insulin. That is all it took! I immediately joined a gym and changed my eating habits. Within the next 18 months I lost over 90 pounds. Since the change in my life impacted me on a positive level I wanted desperately to share it with others.

I became certified in yoga in November of 2014 and followed up with a PiYo Live certification in 2015. I have since completed the Connected Warriors training and am CPR certified. I enjoy teaching and meeting new people. I hope to see you in one on my classes soon!


Jeanie Robertson, CYT & Certified PiYo Instructor instructs the following:
  • PiYo Live
  • PiYo blends Pilates and Yoga, integrating powerful strength moves using rhythmic flow of choreography and music. PiYo classes incorporate 3 styles of movement 1) focus - poses are held for several breaths to focus on increasing strength. 2) flow - rhythmic, flowing style that generates heat in the body and produces sweat. 3) fusion - a blend of focus and flow, these movements incorporate a dynamic balance and functional training that challenge strength and balance and emphasize the athleticism of Pilates and Yoga.

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation and guided meditation practiced comfortably lying in Savasana. It is that state when you are totally relaxed yet conscious and aware, similar to when you are just about to fall asleep. Yoga Nidra practices were developed thousands years ago as a means to achieve the deepest states of inner peace and relaxation and positively impact, and recondition your mind's subconscious layers. It is said that 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of deep sleep. This is a non-heated class (comfortably warm).
    Optional~bring a pillow

  • Cardio Core Restore
  • Get your sweat on with a cardio and core circuit.  Then cool down with a slow flow and stretch routine. 
    Room temperature between 70 - 75 degrees
    All levels are welcome

  • Low Lates
  • Non impact lower body focused moves with a touch of core work.

    Open to all levels of fitness and ages

    Come join me for a great lower body workout!