Be Here. Be Home.

Paula Sharpe, RYT 200

My Name is Paula and I am a firm believer in the quote by Ymber Delecto, “Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence through self control. Energy within and energy without.”

I started a consistant practice a little over three years ago when I went to my first hot yoga class looking to relieve both physical pain and stress. I was hooked, needless to say.

Opportunity arose to become a teacher in July and I jumped at the chance to not only deepen my practice, but provide the same relief to others.

I do not think you have to be the bendy twisty gumby girl/guy to experience the true value of yoga. Whether you can throw your right leg over your left shoulder or you can barely bend forward, yoga is for you. Mind, body and spirit.

Meet me on the mat, and let’s have fun. It is what life is all about. Namaste.

Paula Sharpe, RYT 200 instructs the following:
  • Yin Yoga
  •  This class will take you beyond your muscles into your connective tissues such as your ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints. You will hold postures for several minuets each and we will provide bolsters, blankets, blocks, and straps to support your body. Our Yin classes can be physically challenging as you open up, but, they will have an element of restoration at the end. Overall this class is meant to relax your muscles and still your outer and inner self. Through finding ease in these supported postures students may journey inward into a deep state of calm. This class balances and deepens yang styles of yoga such as all of the hot and warm classes we offer.

  • Gratitude Yin Flow
  • Coming back for its second year..... A gentle and restorative yin flow designed especially for and in thanks to our Yoga Mat Yogis.

    A series of long held postures getting into the deeper tissues of the body with the full support of props to hold and help release held stress and tension.

    There will be hands on assists, Thai Yoga Massage, Energy Healing, Essential oils plus more.... it is a treat to be had. Come relax, release and be restored for the holiday..... you deserve it.
    Spaces limited

  • New Beginnings
  • We are all beginners! This class is a refreshing class for both beginners and for those with some experience. This class will include basic breathing exercises (pranayama) and foundational poses.  Gentle, basic stretching and strengthening for the entire body with brief resting postures between active poses.  This class will develop a balanced asana practice, improved pranayama, and cultivate a meditative mind to create the space to access your own inner rhythm and heart wisdom.

    This class is beginner-focused, however all levels are welcome.  Class may vary by teacher. Prenatal friendly

    Temperature:  80-85F (Light Heat)

  • Hot Prana
  • Yoga experience helps in this class where we delve into the breath moving the body, and body moving energy.  Expect warm-ups, flowing sequences, stamina building and peak postures to support the entire practice.  
    Challenging specifically for mind and body, self discovery and integrating yoga in well balanced ways.  
    Temp  85 - 90 Degrees