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Yvette Huber, RYT 200

Yvette Huber started doing yoga-inspired exercise in 2002 to combat work-related fatigue and sedentary habits. She soon gained confidence to try other forms of fitness, but yoga is her passion. Practice on the yoga mat is not merely physical exercise; it is also a process for self-reflection and growth. Yvette completed her first 200 hour training in the Power Flow style with Grow Yoga School in 2014. She also received additional training in the Hot 26 and Restorative styles. In October 2016, Yvette graduated from Guiding Wellness Institute’s 320 hour training where she completed certificate requirements for a second RYT 200 program, Warriors at Ease Part 1, and Wellness Ambassador. Yoga is an incredible journey Yvette wants to continue for the rest of her life, as well as, to share with others. Please join Yvette for class. Meet yourself on the mat and explore all that is possible!

Yvette Huber, RYT 200 instructs the following:
  • Monday Reset Restorative
  • This gentle class is designed to restore the nervous system and help release tensions from the body and mind. Props will be used to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. This class is open to all levels.

  • Candlelight Yoga
  •  This class is a deliberate and slower-paced Vinyasa Flow, class is done to the low glow of candlelight. It can be ideal for yogis just starting out or those that want to hone their practice and postures. All levels are encouraged to partake. The pace of Candlelight Yoga allows time to realize full, gentle expression of a posture before moving on to the next one. Emphasis is placed on using the breath to move deliberately with intention. Candlelight Yoga DOES NOT rely on the Plank, Chaturanga, Up Dog, Down Dog sequence to link asanas. This class is suitable for all levels and works the entire body in both standing and floor sequences. Temperature in the 80's; light humidity. 

    *Prenatal friendly


  • Got Zen ???
  • This class incorporates a short meditative practice with a vinyasa sequence for the benefit of both body and mind. The meditation may occur at the beginning or at the end of class in either a seated position or savasana. Brief meditations may even be incorporated between asansas. A meditative practice allows time to let go of mental distraction, creating space for insightful thinking. The physical practice will begin with a Sun Salutations warm-up and it is possible some “power” postures (focusing on muscular endurance) may be included, as well. Music will be used to support energy and pace during the physical practice.
    This class is appropriate for all levels. Modifications provided.
    Temperature: in the 80's
    Humidity: Light