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Rose Avila, RYT 200

I’m Rose, a certified RYT200, I found Yoga after I was medically released from the military. I was looking for an alternative to the conventional medicine treatments I was receiving. I took a few Yoga classes and it was almost instantly that I began to feel relief. I feel my Yoga journey began when I came to Yoga Mat in November 2015. I was amazed at how many wonderful people took a class and felt so amazing. I went through the RYT 200 Training so that I could continue to learn to share my love and deep connection with Yoga. And by the way, I love that the journey will never end!!!

Rose Avila, RYT 200 instructs the following:
  • Sleepy Sunday Restorative
  • This gentle class is designed to restore the nervous system and help release tensions from the body and mind.  Props will be used to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. This class is open to all levels. Come relax on Sunday afternoon for the week ahead.

  • Restore with Rose
  • Taking time to pause in the middle of the week is like taking a mini vacation to reset the body mind releasing tension areas. 
    Restorative yoga focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures.  Note that "rest" is different than sleep. Rest provides the body an opportunity to renew and heal.  Countless studies have proven the physical and emotional benefits of this.
    75 minute cass. Warm room 75-80 degrees. Music to enhance the relaxation response.  Occasionally incense or oils may be used to help calm the body mind 

  • Finding your Inner Yogi
    This class will help improve posture, balance, stability, and your overall strength with selected postures focusing on building core strength and control while improving coordination and balance.
    We will focus on breath alignment and core integrity  to awaken our muscles to engage our core as we mindfully practice a variety of postures.  
    This class is suitable for all levels. Prenatal Friendly.
    Room Temperature:  70 - 75 degrees