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Callie Cook, RYT 200

Callie completed her 200 hour RYT at Yoga Mat in 2016 while pregnant with her third child. Her journey through teacher training helped ease the delivery process with helpful breathing techniques and positive birth affirmations. Callie believes that yoga practice is important through all stages of life. She realizes it is difficult as a new mom to continue a yoga practice. This is how her heart led her to teach this class with her four month old daughter, Clayton. She aims to help new moms develop a practice that nurtures baby, while also taking care of their own body and health.

Callie Cook, RYT 200 instructs the following:
  • Yang Yoga
  • Based on a Chinese-style of yoga, Yang is a choreographed, cardio-intense class appropriate for all levels of students. Incorporating cross-body movement, twists, lunges, and shoulder-openers, Yang Yoga works the entire body, raises the heart rate, and tones all major muscle groups. A short Yin segment accompanies the practice, providing delicious relaxation following the active portion.

    This is a 60 minute class consisting of three sections.
    1. A gentle warm-up the Golden Seed to prepare the body for movement. 2. A series of flowing postures focusing on uniting the body & breath calming the mind Yang portion. 3. Cool down with mindfulness and meditation.  This is an excellent class for a recovery day, to wind down.

    Room temperature is gentle

    Temp (78ºF).