Be Here. Be Home.

Callie Cook, RYT 200

Callie completed her 200 hour RYT at Yoga Mat in 2016 while pregnant with her third child. Her journey through teacher training helped ease the delivery process with helpful breathing techniques and positive birth affirmations. Callie believes that yoga practice is important through all stages of life. She realizes it is difficult as a new mom to continue a yoga practice. This is how her heart led her to teach this class with her four month old daughter, Clayton. She aims to help new moms develop a practice that nurtures baby, while also taking care of their own body and health.

Callie Cook, RYT 200 instructs the following:
  • Baby and Me Yoga
  • Practice self-care while bonding with baby. Baby and Me Yoga invites baby and caregiver (mom, dad, grandparent, nanny)to connect with one another through movement, breath, calming touch and loving smiles. Baby and Me Yoga Class is designed to help you recover from pregnancy and child birth, while strengthening your connection between baby and caregiver. Our class will focus on rebuilding core strength, restoring the mind, and enlivening the spirit. Let baby in on the yoga action physically, mentally, and spiritually to build a strong bond of trust and security— the foundation of self-confidence for baby.
    In this supportive and nurturing class, you will find a community of new moms to connect with during the postpartum period. This class is great for moms who are feeling fine at 6 weeks postpartum. Moms who had a Cesarean-section should wait a little longer—8 to 10 weeks; check with your doctor or midwife. Babies are welcome from six weeks to one year. Feel free to bring any toys or items to comfort or entertain your baby. Yoga props will be provided. Naptime? Feeding time? Diaper change? No Worries!!! It’s all welcome here!