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How Do You Find Contentment?

Remember the times you are happy? How does everything feel? We can feel accomplished, abundant, peaceful, and perhaps content. We know the connections there, between happiness and contentment, and it seems so close and so far, at different times in our life. No matter what we try to fill the void (if there is one) with, what it ultimately comes down to is your dispositions on your situations, and how hard we fight to be happy.

But, being happy isn't just our outer circumstances, -and we know this on many levels. Yet, we still allow circumstances to take hold, and we allow our minds to attach to every small detail, hoping to control it on some level and design the way we think we need to live. This activation in the mind can be seen as drive and motivation, and sometimes it absolutely is what is needed for survival but, what happens when it takes over and becomes something not so effective? That is about when we start looking for change, and seek out a way to connect or find happiness through things and forget to look for the inner self. In the past we may have said I'll be happy when... and choose to find contentment in things outside of ourselves like, people and material items. This does end up being a symptom, in large part, and in many of our lives, of the seemingly incurable stresses, -despite the struggle to maintain.

The underlying truth of it all comes in the connection to self and about making that self happy from the inside out. When we discover the secret to finding peace within, even in the worst times we can remain Equanimeous, and faithful in your own ability to handle what comes your way. Each circumstance is tied to the next in a way that your best interest is in mind. This can be a long and arduous road often times but, the struggles pay the dividends.

Know that you are enough. That what needs to get done will get done, and each thing happens for a reason. So trust in yourself, the people close to you, and your ability to adapt, overcome, and do yoga! Life is the unstoppable train so, jump on with your britches in hand, chin held high, and heart strong. There is nothing that you can't conquer and grow from, leaving you with seeds of happiness. Help them grow and nurture that side of yourself. GROW SOME HAPPY!


Nov 11, 201710:58 am